Sunday, June 12, 2005

Eating my cake

In September, I will celebrate ten years as a published fiction writer. It never occurred to me in January 1994 when I wrote the first line of SEALED WITH A KISS that I would be the author of 3o fiction titles by September 2005. It boggles my mind. I guess I've been working hard, because in the meantime, I've been writing very serious stuff for such organizationsas the World Bank, the United Nations Population Fund, The United Nations Population Division, TheWorld Fertility Survey, various developing countries and foundations engaged in population activities.

And before I began writing fiction, I worked full time as a demographer. But fiction writing gives me a real bang. Sometimes, my imagination runs amuck, and I have to reel it in, but most of the time I'm as happy writing as a little pig in hog heaven. So if you've always wanted to write, get a piece of paper and pen or pencil, or a typwriter(what's that?) or a computer and write. Perhaps I'll meet you at a writer's or reader's conference. This is the life.

If one of my fellow writers disagrees, let me know.