Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Power of Suggestion

Yesterday, my husband asked if I planned any additional travel this year. As an author, I travel regularly to perform different activities -book signing, lecturing, various promotions, and so on.
To his simple question, I replied, "There are only three weeks remaining in the year. Besides, I've been off practically every weekend since we returned from vacation." After reading that quote, you're saying duuuuuuuuuuh. He was gaping at me, too. I know. An explanation is required unless I want you to question my sanity. Well, here it is.
I'm a political junkey, and I have listened to the Republicans and Democrats who want to be president debate ad nauseam until I'm becoming like them. One seeker of this high office was asked whether it would be proper to have the secret service protect his mistress (as well as his wife, I presume), and he answered, suppose she's in danger, or something like that. For the 2004 election, one candidate was asked about his economic policy, and he replied, "I will fight for you." Minutes later, another reporter asked the same seeker of free meals in the White House about rescuing the social security system, and he gave his pat answer: "I will fight for you."
Now don't get me wrong; I'll be at the polls as soon as they open on election day. At least, that's what I've done in the past. But I keep asking myself why. One of the hopefuls is a little behind in the race to become party candidate, but when asked in a TV interview about his chances, he replied that the last two members of his party who became president talked like him. I laughed. If the answer served no other purpose, it definitely amused me.
Another seeker of a lifetime six-figure pension is clever and laughs in the friendliest way at every negative question that reporters put to him. Gets downright charismatic, too. Thank goodness, none of the other candidates seem so happy to have their integrity questioned and backed up with figures, like say, 30 million dollars. Whew! Asked if he was rich, one of those eager to entertain at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in D. C. replied. "I'm well off." You call sleeping every night in your own 10,000,000 dollar house merely well off? That dude is stinking rich.
No wonder I gave my husband that double talk. I'm going to improve, though, because he doesn't deserve that. Oh, I don't know. Maybe he does. He's watched every one of those debates from start to finish, and if he didn't turn them on, I wouldn't watch so often. I'd get my writing done.
By the way, please plan now to support the Warm hands, Warm heart project in which one of my publishers, Harlequin is collaborating with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to create greater awareness among African Americans about the services available to children there. No child in need of the care that St. Jude provides is turned away for lack of money. Sandra Kitt and I are each writing a novel to promote this knowledge among African Americans. The books are regular novels, and they are not about St. Jude, but in appropriate places we call attention to the workd done there and the care that it gives to children. My book, WHAT MATTERS MOST, will be out in October 2008.

Have a Glorious Christmas and a Blessed New Year.



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